Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I wanna go back to Sweden

Just to be free again

You know, sleeping in tunnelbana and McDonald's:)

Wander around the city

Meeting new people

Learning new language

Watching your favorite team playing hockey:)))

And not to think about the people who worry about you all the time (i.m. family)

You see, they think because I am ill, I'm not allowed to do anything

So silly of them:)

That's another reason I'm writing in English, cos they don't know that language

I probably will continue my attempts to explore my own country

Will buy some travel guide I will start my journey of a thousand miles:)

cos lately I started to feel myself caged again

and I don't want that

So my plan for tomorrow, to get a book, either to buy a new one, or to find some previously bought one:)

Yes, I'm starting with single steps to reach the dream

Join me if you want

You know where to find me


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