Friday, February 18, 2011


I did it!!!

I have found mp3 player, that was probably not made in China

I'm really sorry for the distractions I caused in the electronic shops with my question: I want to buy mp3 player, that costs about 50 eur and the main thing, not made in China, do you have one?

Why probably?

Well, because there is no specific line "Made in...."

Only that company is in Germany

I looked through all the papers, and still no "made in " there. At least they dont mention China either

I asked the seller, whether it is possible, that it was made in China and maybe only packed in Germany

He answered that no. It is against the law or smth like that

I believe him:)

At least I want to

Yaaaaay, I have the player now!

My ears are happy:)

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