Sunday, February 13, 2011


I don't like kids



I never yell at children

or teens

or my age people


I'm usually calm (except for being on some sport event, rock concert or playing air-hockey, there I scream a loooot)

Today I started to slowly realize, why kids are better than adults

You all know that crap about holding hands: when the kid takes your hand, cos he/she trust you his/her life and let you led him/her cross the streets and if something bad will happen, to protect:)

I rarely take hands myself, they usually trust me after some time being with me

I find it important, that if a kid turns to you to ask for a help, you should help

I remember, when my niece lived with us, 3 or smth like that years ago, once she run back home with tears, and asked my mom, to come out with her, cos some older kids said mean things about her, and I still remember the look in her eyes, when my mom said, that she doesn't have time for that crap. So I took her role, and went out to find my niece. And you know what, since then, I guess, she realize, that if she will have some problems, she can always turn to me for help. And she still does:)But important thing is not to solve all the problems, but to show how she herself can manage all the wrong things without asking for the help all the time and to be responsible.

So that's kinda cute

To be a guard for a little kid

But why do I think kids are better is some things?

Today I offered my nephew to pick whatever candy he likes in the shop, and there were a loooot of them, big packs, very expensive packs

U know what he chose?


Yeap, cheap lollipop

Simply, cos he really wanted it

Guess what your girl will pick in the shoes/bags/clothes store when you offer her to pick whatever she likes no matter how expensive it could be


Kids can be adorable

I guess

But I'm not yet sure

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