Sunday, February 20, 2011

My first 500m


My first 500m are doooone

kinda creepy the way people look at you, when it is -15 outside and you are not wearing winter jacket

My pulse watch still thinks I'm dead, but at least it has chronograph mode and big numbers, so it is easy to look at the time

Surprisingly it is much easier for me to run at winter rather than at summer

But still, I run like a dead fish, slowly and deadly


Shuuut uuuup, at least I'm working on it

Ive noticed, that I haven't uploaded photos of me for a while, so here are some of my before and after running crap

And yes, today was the first time this year, when I was wearing something which was not black coat and black pants (yeap, I haven't worn even jeans for almost 2 months, I guess I'm getting old :)))

You see, that whaaat the fuuuck am I doing here look?:))

Yeap, I'm wearing Columbus scarf all the time, when I'm outside

So that was me thinking to run or not to run

Aaaand here are my proud 500m and even little bit more:

0,56km looks bit too pathetic

I should change km into m:)))

cos 560m is better:)))

After my proud 560m:

I guess I look much happier:))

cos yaaaaaaaay, i did it!

clothes are now all messed up and I have thin arms and Hulk mittens


for those of you, who wants to say "горизонт завален, пропорции не соблюдены" (yeap, you can use google translate now) shuuuuut uuuup, it is hard to quickly find a place in the park, where you can put the camera so that it would be at appropriate high and timer on 10 seconds:)))

This photo you can use as an image of my "Jana approves" gesture

I love my Hulk hands:)))

And I have adorable smile:)

And I run 560m

How awesome is that?:))

P.S. China watch is still working

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