Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My little multinational place

I know, that most of the people who know me personally, think that I'm bit too picky about the countries I like

Yes, I dont like most of the Asian and African and Middle East countries


But I have my little corner of countries I like in my room

Estonian flan is not the only one in my room, I have at least 3 of them:)

And of course Swedish and Finnish:)Somehow Lithuanian too:)

And I can not kill the movie pirate in me, so I have a parrot as you can see too:)))

I even have Russian flag

Norwegian is under my personal protection

Also I have UK and Dannish flags too, but they are on my cupboard:)

Waving proudly:)))

Gonna find Canadian flag too


About the parrot balloon

It is at least 5 years old

Yes, balloons fascinate me

It is like you take some certain amount of air and put a cloth on it and it will remain the same air for a long time

I have old air in my room:)

The thing is that you can create any form from the air

you simply cover it with something, if you cant see it without that help

endless opportunities for creation


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