Thursday, February 3, 2011

NHL All Star Game

First of all

Dear NHL guys, THANK YOU, for being so awesome:)))I haven't smiled thaaaat much for such a long time in a while

In 20 years I probably will have a lot of wrinkles, but it is worth it:)))


How handsome all of those players are

Like really, not that gay faced crap what we see on TV and in the movies

But perfect real men's beauty

The parade of awwwww cutie cutie cutie bears

Except for some of them

who have that damned gay face

but may be they are just too young yet

Their smiles, their jokes, their strength

Thaaaaats what Jana want to see


And how my captain Nash scores

And that thing in SuperSkills

Fastest Skater

esp Goalie race:))))

That gave me at least 5 more years to live:)))

Obviously I am team Staal:)))

And shut up, my captain Nash is not that weak:)))how he was in Hardest shot


I'm still smiling, that amazingly awesome those 2 nights were:)))

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