Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No China Problem

Houston, we have a problem now

My mobile phone decided that its headphones are not good enough for him anymore, so they are not working no more

I already was in nearly 7 stores

Where I simply found Sony Ericsson handsfree sets


Yeap, made in China

All of it

Then I decided, that maybe it is not logical to buy another new handsfree to your phone, when handsfree costs twice as much as my old friend:)))and yes, I already bought 3 sets of it this year:)))Dear Sony Ericsson, you are definitely not making good handsfree sets, but at least you have great phones

Therefore I decided to buy a new mp3 player

Which will cost probably the same or even less than new headphones

And, Houston, you probably already know what problem I have

Yeap, it seems to me, that all mp3 players were made in China

And it is kinda uncomfortable to ask the sellers all the time: where that player was made?and that one?aaaand that one?okay, sorry for bothering you:)))

I guess soon I will start going directly to sellers with one simple question: do you have any player that was not made in China?


cos I really need my music:)

coooome oooon, new Rise Against and hardly working headphones is not a good company in any way


Does anybody know, where can I find player made not in China?

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