Friday, April 8, 2011

Our final presentation


I know, that sound quality is awful, so here you can read the script:

We got the 3rd place, so congraaaats to us I still think with our absolutely new and innovative idea and funny perfomance we deserved to win the 1st place, or at least 2nd, if the 1st place would belong to the Carrots group

Our idea:

Anyway, congraaaaaats to us!!!

I know, that I'm terrible actress, but, well, I can't fake anything:)and I think it is really good, hard for me, but good for the rest

Our team of awesomeness is:

Naughty fish - Anna (Åland islands, Finland)

Good fish - Joonas (Helia, Finland)

Storyteller - Marie-Louise (Denmark)

and me, of course:)

*I converted 346Mb .mov video to 54 Mb .avi and the quality was lost during uploading it up here, but in my computer it is much better, yaaaay to me!

Good job, Format Factory!

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