Thursday, May 26, 2011


Week ago I was running (and pretending to be the greatest runner in the world in the marathon distance of 3 km (yeah, in my world I have my own definition of marathon distance)) and I saw the little girl not older that 5 years old falling from her little pink bicycle

She instantly started to cry and then her I guess mother started to yell at her. She was on her own bicycle riding bit behind her daughter and after the girl felt down the started screaming at her "I told you to ride straight ahead and not watching to the sides!!!!"

I guess I should mention that they were using the bicycle road and not the one for the cars and girl was wearing helmet but no hand and leg protections, so it must had been really painful for her to fall down.

So the mother came and with one hand put that girl up still yelling at her and then the rode away.

And I stood there motionless with the big eyes, because I didn't know what to do. Of course I wanted to talk to that mother, but then I realized that the first question she is going to ask will be: Do you have your own kids? No? Then shut up because you don't understand nothing about growing up kids.

My question is, what are the boundaries, when you should speak up for the kid? Once again, she didn't hit her or left her alone there. She just yelled at her and didn't do her mother hug with the words that it will all stop hurting in a second thing.

In my family I don't remember my parents screaming as madly at us. Of course I had those "If there is one single puddle in Tallinn you will find it and make your legs wet" loud talks, but it was more like "I'm so tired of washing your socks" not "You freaking irresponsible stupid child with no respect for the parents, I TOLD YOU NOT TO PLAY IN THE PUDDLES MILLION TIMES!!!!"

As for the little girl on the bicycle, her mom I'm afraid was screaming at her considering the second variant, full of hate.

I don't know what kind of mom I myself be in the future, may be I will be so tired that I will yell at my Benjamin Ryan too. But i really doubt it. Because in my family, parents are good people.

What are the boundaries?

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