Monday, May 16, 2011

Nordplus 2011. Day 1

Yet again

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack:)))

This time I really hope for a long time:)

I'm going to write now about our NordPlus project as substantially as I can, cos some part of it will be in my official Travel Diary, that I must have, well, today:))

Day 1


You know what it is when your plans change so quickly, that you cant do almost nothing with it?

Well, I have not run my 12km, because instead of previously set date the second of May we went on the first of May. If speaking the truth, I was willing to run those 12km in the morning and after that swim in the sea and still manage to catch the ship, but not everything is going as you want it to go, if the deal day second member cancels it:)

Anyway, the ship was at 21.00 and I didn’t even get late:)went on time, quick gathering in the port and welcome to Star!

We had a cabin, because it wasn’t possible to us to catch a train to Tampere after the ship’s arrival. It would be too late to do that. For me it left absolutely non understandable, why the hell we didn’t take the first morning ship to Helsinki (the fist one comes at 07:30 and arrives to Helsinki at 09:30), so that it wouldn’t be necessary for us to sleep in the cabin for 4 people, and be ready to leave the ship in the early morning (6 am).Coooome ooooon, 2 hours from Tallinn to Helsinki is not such a long way. So I guess note for the organisators: rewatch your timetables. You can save some money out there.

The ship itself is as usual for Tallink – awesoooome. Somehow that was only my second time to Finland on the Tallinn-Helsinki line, so it was too weird for me, that there were people sitting everywhere. Like literally everywhere, and the floor wasn’t the worst place for doing that:))Comparing to Tallinn-Stockholm line it was like if people went to their summer cabins in Finland:)))no big shops, no after midnight shows, no special programs, simply Tallinn-Helsinki kinda boring trip. Kinda - because I can find something interesting even in the piece of paper:)) The thing that I always do is running away from the large amount of people in the small room. So when you put 4 girls in one room with their baggage I will go somewhere else in moments after the beginning of the trip. I looooove watching the ship leaving the harbor, all of those little things they do before going to open water is magnificent, it still fascinates me how such a big ship can be ruled so accurately, sometimes it’s the matter of centimeters. I guess sea people will always be some sort of heroes for me:))

Some little shopping in the meantime, some search for the food and in 2 hours we already were in Helsinki. It was kinda sad to see people leaving the ship, when you know, that you have to spend the whole night in it, while there is huge unexplored city in front of you. I guess you can’t always get what you want. At least we got our food package for the breakfast. That was very lovely thing to get. I don’t like sleeping on the ship, but according to my experience the place in a cabin for 4 on Tallink ship most of the times is way more comfortable, that any place in hostels.

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