Monday, May 16, 2011

Nordplus 2011. Day 2


Early wake up call, quick baggage packing routine and we are ready to leave the ship. The crew on the ship was as usual very polite and kind:))) The thing that left absolutely beyond my understanding is why we had to buy tickets on the bus and on the train if in the end we will get that money back. Anyway, we left the harbor, get the bus to railway station and with the help of our Finnish speaking teachers got the tickets to Tampere. Finnish people really have some good trains out there:)))Big and comfortable and reeeeeally quiet comparing to ours.

About 2 hours trip and we are in Tampere. The land where practically everyone speaks English:)))

Took about half an hour to find our hostel, and Hello, Dream Hostel. As you probably know I have already been with our University with another project in Finland, and if speaking the truth, I like the first one much better, already only because we lived in one hotel with our teacher and not like in Tampere, teachers in the hotel, students in the hostel. I really didn’t get why the students liked that hostel. Really. 4 people in one room. No tv, no cupboard, only some 30x30cm shelf for each person, no table, only two chairs and of course no private shower room, even mirror was not like a mirror but like some joke. Yeah, yeah, you can call me names, but I do love either comfortable rooms or no room at all (like spending nights on the street). Those hostel rooms are awful. The only thing that was excellent were people. Really good personal. Helpful, funny and open minded. The thought of spending the whole week in that place made my perfect world bit less perfect :))) At least it was pretty clean.

After check in we had some free time (see, if we had taken the first ship, we could go straight after the check-in to Tampere University of Applied Sciences or in crazy Finnish language: Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu). Anyway, at 12 we were in that University with really long Finnish name. Got there by bus. Do you know how much does it cost to take a single ride on Tampere bus? freaking 2.50. The next thing I did was to put a note on my brain: to buy a ticket card ASAP.

We had 4 hours there, getting to know the people we are going to work with, creating teams, getting the tasks. Have to say: teachers there are aaaaweeeeesooooooooome, not some old school boring academic language talking people, but very happy, funny, lovely and yet very smart women. Who know English language perfectly well. What about the students: Icelandic people have the most beautiful eyes color in the world. Each one of them:)It’s like you take Kimi R;ikkonen eyes and copy paste them in Icelandic genes. Lucky you:)))and their language, ooooohhhhh, their language, for me that sounded like Chinese. For real, every world is endless sentence full of hardly pronounced sounds:)))Finnish students were really helpful and funny:)))

In my team there were 6 people: Matti, Kristjan, Tiiu, Stefan, Aura and me. I will insert our group picture on Day 4 post. The name of our team was The Green Team. The task was sort of fail: Energy issues now and in the future in Estonia, Iceland and Finland. Why fail? Well for getting that information you didn’t have to bring people from other countries, you can simply use, because there are plenty of information in English. Note for NordPlus people: you should use the EkoTekNord people way of doing things, give a problem, some time and at the end, you will have a lot of new good ideas, that were born in the groups of international students. Not collecting information in Internet.

But our team was awesome. My teams are always awesome:)

We worked there ‘til 16.00. Yet again, we are not some kids, who work 4 hours a day. We are capable of freely working until at least 18.00.

After that we had free time. As I already mentioned - I don’t like being in the room with a lot of people for a long time, so I took my things and went exploring the city alone. First thing that I did was to come back to the railway station and buying ticket card.

Pretty expensive thing – 19 euro for 6 days. Buuuuuuut, much cheaper if counting all of the bus rides that I took during that week:)

Took the first bus, went to the centre, walked there, watched the people, the places. Did you know that every single men in Finland is handsome? I really think that my the one is probably from Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway or Canada:))) the whole country of beautiful people. Being in the motherland of Hesburger I of course went to buy some fast food there. Prices there are completely different if to compare with Estonian one. Small fries + drink in Estonia = 1.60, in Tampere – 3.95. Yeap for the exact same food.

After having that first sightseeing walk and getting to know the vicinity I went back to hostel and had my time. I probably should explain why I did not connect to the people who were there, well, the answer is simple, I avoid drinking people, who drink not in the pubs, but I guess in a place you call home even if it is for a week, I have some serious reason for doing that, and for this I’m sorry. I’m sorry, that I have never gone partying with you, even after you were offering to do that. It is just who I am:) Outsider, who prefer to do things mostly on her own:)

That was my first day in Tampere.

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