Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nordplus 2011. Day 6


Our last day in Tampere

Only one trip planned

Seitseminen National Park, where we had to have 6km nature path. But firstly we had some introduction lecture about the national parks in Finland and Seitseminen national park in specific. Watched some movie about the park and we were ready to go.

The nature path was, well, nature path, nothing outstanding, not like we have here with some twists like hanging bridges etc. Had pretty much amazing walk in the forest and our small group somehow ended to be the first group, may be because we were walking bit faster. Anyway, good nature, good company, good stories what else do you need? In the end it turned out, that our group didn’t take the 6km path, but the 12km one:))) I guess we hadn’t even noticed that we walked for that long. We still managed to be the first one, before even that 6km group came, so yaaaay to us.

Then we had dinner time, where we eat some food and grill stuff. For me it wasn’t necessary, because I don’t eat much being in the nature, I do drink hell of a lot of water though:) Had some talks, some jokes etc etc what people usually do. Then I once again escaped, because I really don’t like big companies for a long time, even with those amazingly perfect people. I guess I was not allowed to do that, but I took some short path near the centre and came back on time.

We had a group picture, here it is:

And rode back to Tampere, where we said good bye to the teachers and I run to be able to do my plan: visit the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame museum.

Obviously I couldn’t go in my sportswear, so I had to go to the hostel to change the clothes. Did it as fast as I could and went to catch a bus (now I was the die hard Tampere bus user and knew where, how and what central busses go). Quick walk next to the river and here it is: Vapriikki museum. Looked on the watch and for the moment I was dead. Freaking 17:05… AGAIN. With no hope I came to the ticket seller and asked “Am I too late to buy the ticket again?” He smiled and told me, yes, we don’t sell tickets no more. But in a moment he added, but you can go for free now. Like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I didn’t believe that until he gave me the green sticker. I still had some time for visiting Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame. But the ticket seller was so sweet, that he turned on all of the showpieces, so that I could look at it. It would have been rude, if I went straight to the Hockey Hall. After spending about 10 minutes in general hall I decided that I’ve watched enough (even dinosaur, the paleontologist in me (yes, I have that one too) was extremely happy) and moved to the place that I wanted to see. They have a cup there smth like Stanley Cup but for Finnish league. With all of the names.

It is hard to describe the whole range of emotions being the only visitor in the Hockey Hall. I seriously wanted to fly and sing like some Disney cartoon bird :))) All of those pictures, medals, sticks, hockey skates, jerseys, videos, statistics, etc, etc OMG. I could live there.

And then I find this man:

Goooooaaaallliiiiieeeeee. I named him Bob (and not because of Bobrovsky, but because I use that name when I want to name something non-living)


If you know me a bit, then you probably know that I have a thing about goalies, they usually are my favorite players.

So I took the hockey stick and started to play:))) Well, I had to take junior stick, because all the rest were gigantic for my height:))) Junior hockey stick, daaaaaamn, I don’t see myself being thaaaat short, but apparently sometimes I am.

Here I am posing like if I were a hockey player:

Here I am doing the shot:

You may be wondering whats the difference? well, its in the eyes:)))

I am awesome :))) And I scored pretty well too

On the way back I found this iron man:

And now I love goalkeepers even more:)if it is possible.

Then I realized that I don’t have much time left and had some quick tour on the first floor, apparently they have some war theme there. Well, at least I was sitting in the old bus.

The last thing I did was visiting the souvenir shop where I bought some little things for the long memory and wanted to buy the coins holder, but decided to save some money and not to do that.

Got my coat and went outside, walked some steps and run back to the shop with the words, you know what, I decided that I have to buy that thing:

The woman smiled:)))

It was Canada game day so I went to the Bulldog bar again. Because why not to test your destiny once again?

The only thing I forgot was that it was Finland game day too, on the exact same time. I was getting late, because of that museum visit, so I got there on the half of the second period. I opened the door and stood for a while with no motions. The whole bar was full of hockey fans. Literally, whole, some of them were even standing. That’s when I realized that I will have a good evening. I wasn’t planning to stand the whole game, so I ordered my cola light, take the coat off and moved towards the most comfortable coach to watch the game, there were 2 men there sitting, so I asked them : Can I sit with you, and they gladly moved their bodies so that I could sit with them.

Ohhhh what a game it was. It was like the whole bar was on the same wave. We shouted, screamed, clapped hands, hugged, they used some bad Finnish words. When the second period ended we had some time to talk. They asked me where am I from and what am I doing here in Tampere. After that when they have heard that I’m from Estonia they told me: Estonia? do you even have a hockey team out there? :))) that was funny, usually I defend my country, but I’m sorry, but our hockey team really sucks. Then we talked about finnish players, he told me, that Niemi is, meh, average, not good, not bad:))) apparently someone is going to play in Minnesota next season, and that one is outstanding. Then they saw my Columbus scarf on my bag, and started to ask why the hell did I chose Columbus. I explained to them, but they still managed to make some jokes about the game they play :))) I loved that evening:))) We watched the third period and then overtime and then suddenly the whole bar started to scream the same word, when I asked what are they screaming it took some time for them to translate that word to English : bullets/bullits/shootout. And we wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaay! :)))

Sorry, I used the wrong picture, but well, my face hadn't change much in 3 days and I'm too lazy to find the right one:)))

I loved that evening, not for a second I didn’t feel threatened, because I know, that hockey fans are the best fans in the world:))) and being the only hockey watching girl out there doesn’t change anything. We rock:)))

I decided to move away after the game, so that it would not be possible to ruin that perfect evening with some rude jokes and drunken people, so I said good bye and left, my hockey neighbor man asked me to stay, but I left anyway, and now that evening will leave absolutely perfect in my mind.

It was getting dark outside but I did what I always did and took another bus to somewhere. Walked there in some forest like park, talked to the people again, saw another beautiful houses and after a long walk took a bus back to centre.

And then I saw the bus. The bus. number 25. I left my bus and decided to wait for another The bus.

The answer is simple:

Janka 25. You probably don’t get it, so I will explain it: in Russian language you have a loooooot of different forms of your name. Mine for example are: Janochka, Janchik, Jankel’, Janusik, Jani and I can go on for a while. Jana is my favorite form and then goes Janka, it is like bit rude variant of Jana:) so Janka 25 was like a shining sign for me, because I will be 25 this year:)Got it now? how not to take a ride to your own future:))) Apparently my future lays waaaay awaaaaay from the centre, I’ve waited not until the last person leaves but until the last bus stop with Janka name.

Here it is:

Kinda sad future I have, don’t I?

Empty and dark

I don’t like Janka version anymore:)))

From now on only Jana

Less rude, more promising

Anyway, another thing I found there was that there will not be any single bus to town. yaaaaaaaay:)))In the middle of nowhere, with no map (even that hellish Tampere map) and it is dark already. But after such a great evening I decided to take a long, long, long walk back to hostel and not to call a taxi. The plan was simple, stay close to the biggest road you see. And it worked, I even turned off my mp3 player so that I could hear how the Tampere breaths. After some time I reached the sign that told me that I had to go 5,5km more until the centre. And I gladly took that road. Why do people say that Finnish people don’t like people. One car even stopped and offered I guess something like, there will not be another bus today, do you need a ride to the city? I really doubt that he thought I was some sort of a whore, because I don’t look like one:))) I said, thanks for the offer, but no, have a good evening:))) There was something magical that evening, when you are walking and walking and walking and even after 12km that you took the same day, playing the hockey and emotionally watching the hockey, you don’t feel that you are tired. The only thing that was missing was my The One walking next to me and holding my hand, who probably got lost somewhere in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Norway or Canada:) I hope we will find each other and will be watching the next Championship already together:)))

When I reached the big road with some more bus lines it was obvious that I will continue walking, because standing 25 minutes before the bus comes is not for me:) On the way back to hostel I found one building that I liked. Here it is:

By the 00:00 I was back to hostel and was probably the most happiest person in the world.

That was my last, fifth day in Tampere

You need 5 days to completely fall in love with that city.

I already miss that city.

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