Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nordplus 2011. Day 7


The last day in Finland

Got the train to Helsinki, I don’t remember even what time it was, probably something like 11.00

Anyway, I was sleeping almost all the way back to Helsinki, as I already told you, the trains they have out there are really comfortable:)

Our teachers made one really good thing, they told us, that they will stay in the railway station, so that we can walk in the city for 2 hours without our heavy baggage. Yaaay. Somehow that day left blurry in my mind, I remember almost nothing at all:) Anyway, I walked for two hours in the city and there was I guess some running competition, because I have met a lot of people with the numbers on their shirts. On the other hand, they were not running, but walking, and not in groups but individually. Maybe for the time we got there the running thing was already over. Helsinki mystery.

I don’t like that city, I simply don’t feel it, it happens sometimes, but it is not a bad city, just not mine.

Visited some shopping centers on the way back to railway station and it seems to me that clothes and shoes are even cheaper than in Estonia. But the prices on the food are insanely high.

Got to railway station, took our things and went to the harbor. Hello, Star and only 2 hours until motherland. That day I decided to have the trip back home on the window ledge. It is comfortable even to have a nap there:)which I did. Maybe soon I will be like those people, who freely sit on the floor:))) The only bad thing was that they had some Internet system fail and I couldn’t use my Visa card to buy something. So I had to find every single euro I had in my bags, so that I could buy some sweets for the kids.

It wasn’t boring to stare at the water all the way back home.

Tampere is awesome place, but Tallinn is much better:)

It is my home, and I love it.

To sum up all of those pages of memories I would say, that I had learned almost nothing new during this week and most of the information that we got from the power plants we could get from the Internet. Our task was useless too, because we hadn't had to come up with some new ideas and suggestions, we simply collected information from each country. For me that trip was amazing, because of my own little adventures, but if I were NordPlus member I would think that I had spent my money on nothing. As a recommendation I can say that you really should elongate working days and give to the students more specific problem you want to be solved. This year was a waste of time. But I liked it anyway.

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