Tuesday, June 7, 2011


First of all: that freaking hot weather is killing me, hoooooow is it possible to have in Estonia 30C° in the beginning of June???

Not for one day, but almost for the week

Sad face

I have been having a lot of sad faces lately

It is all going to hell again

May be thats why it is so hot outside

Anyway, back to hockey

Today there was a meeting with Leo Komarov, Siim Liivik and Robert Rooba (yes, Estonian do have a lot of double letters in their names, me too)

Those are hockey players that were born in Estonia, but who currently play in Finland

And Leo is the one who plays in Finnish national team, so he was the part of winning this year's hockey championship


That was were kind of them to come to Estonia with the Cup

Because I have a lot of sad faces lately, of course something bad just had to happen

The meeting was at 3pm in Nero bar in Tallink hotel

Jana sometimes can be really stupid, cos I decided, that oooo, Tallink hotel, that must be the one in front of Viru shopping center

The big and shiny one

I was already late for 15 minutes when I got there and well, after trying to find that bar on my own, I asked one boy on reception where it is, and he sent me to the second floor, where there is a conference center. I still have no idea how could "Nero bar" and "conference center" sound the same to him.

After walking there I went back to the first floor and decided to ask women in the restaurant. You know what? That phrase will be the phrase I probably hate the most: But you are in the wrong hotel. Nero bar is in another Tallink hotel.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat the heeeeeeeell

I decided that I can still have a little chance to meet the players, so I went to the tram stop and get the tram where i needed to be

Freaking heels

I was already an hour late, so when I realized where must i go, I took off my shoes and almost run towards that hotel

*note to self: when it is 30 degrees outside for several days, the roads are really really really hot, I guess I collected some road surface on my feet. That was painful

**another note to self: stop trying to be more woman-like

Anyway, when I got there the conference was already over, but the players and the cup were still there

And then I saw him

Robert Rooba

tadaaa, and add some shining signs over his head

I guess spending most of the life on ice does something good to your beauty

All ice-hockey players look so goooooood (if they don't have porno mustaches), but Rooba is now pronounced by Jana as the hottest junior player in the world

yeah, he is only 17

Anyway, got the signed cards, some pictures, and now I have the sign of Leo on my Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame money holder.

Here is the picture of us:

From the left:

The most handsome junior hockey player in the world Robert, The World Championship Cup with some girl, Leo and Siim

The boys were sooooo sweeeeeeeeet

All so polite, so kind

And yeah, even with +5cm I still look like hobbit

But i realized that i love being short, so no more heels for me

It was great so see a lot of kids there with Estonian hockey team jerseys


Btw, that cup is pretty heavy, not for the men though, but surely for me it was


I wish I had been there on time, so I could ask all of my billions of questions

Maybe next time


*and had a hug from the most handsome junior hockey player in the world

**and from IIHF World Championship winner Leo Komarov too

***and I had really good time being in the bar filled with hockey lovers

****and I wish you were there too

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