Monday, June 13, 2011

Little mermaid?

I have one weird hobby

I subscribed to i-do-not-know-how-much mailing lists

Russian mailing lists

And I have 3 mail boxes for that: one with 1997 unopened messages, second one with 172 984 new messages and the third one with 349 902

yeap, that much

and it is not some one theme letters but I subscribed to all categories in different subscribe pages, so I'm getting letters almost about everything :)

And I'm not sitting all day and night long reading it:)))I usually read daily only one in each box

So I have no idea how, but I do think that my brain have some hidden contact with Internet, cos yesterday I had one letter

With only one short text:

Девочкам следовало бы в детстве на ночь читать "Русалочку" Андерсена вместо "Золушки", чтобы понимать одну-единственную вещь: ты можешь вырвать себе язык, ходить по острым ножам, оставить родной дом, но он так и не полюбит тебя, просто потому что ты - не та.

In my bad English it is something like:

Little girls should read Andersen's "The little mermaid" fairy tale instead of "The Cinderella" for the bedtime story to understand one single thing: you can pull out your tongue, walk on sharp knives and leave your home, but he will never fall in love with you, simply because you are not That One.

I have to admit, I cried

Yeah, yeah, I am some sort of a fluffy puffy thing lately

Man up, Jana


I'm trying

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