Friday, June 17, 2011

Matt Buxton

Oh Internet

Endless sea of information

I found this series on one Russian page Matt

American students are kinda predictable, I guess

or may be it is because we are all the same, no matter where we live:)

anyway, among those people I found 2, that amazed me in a good way

first is Jason J. Unreadable-surname

He loves to read for fun.


during the last 5 years I met only one person who still reads just for fun

so it makes 3 of us


and about memories, I have the same problem sometimes:)

and he is looking forward to her, like how sweet is that?


so, Jason J you rock:)

*but get rid off those mustaches or grow a beard

The second one is Jackson

Yes, I laughed like insane when I read his "what keeps me up at night"

And I do think he was serious while writing this:)))

I have the same thing sometimes, when someone asks me something I usually answer normally, but sometimes my inner stopper takes a break and I write the same things:) And it is not like he is insane, it is pretty logical what he wrote, he started with ghosts and ended with pillows. Is it too weird if I can see the whole connection in his list?

I love Internet with awesome people like them:)))

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