Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The swimming season

My swimming season is opened


bit too late, but this spring was kind of cold

the air temperature today was close to +30 and the water temperature +8

yeap, +8

and that was soooooo refreshing to swim in the sea, when you can practically feel the air around you, because it is so hot and heavy

and we were not alone

what was strange, that the kids were freely swimming in the sea, while their parents were standing on the beach:)))

aaaaaand stop complaining, you little people, who think that after their Turkey or Egypt trip our sea is extremely cold and dirty

it is not

we are living in the north, so get used to our weather already:)))

the water was perfectly fiiiineeee

lets go swimming

you know how to get in touch with me



The Baltic Sea rocks:)

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