Monday, June 20, 2011

The world's greatest 200m runner

Yes, you can call me that


slowest too

but I'm working on it

I still can't break my mind, who asks me "why the hell are you running?" I am pretty sure I'm one of those who never turn their backs and run, but always face the problem

May be I should try boxing:)))

so here is my way back:

my proud 200m:

my further direction:

this time I wasn't running alone

here is my new friend:

I called him Jack:)))

I have no idea what type of an insect it is and I have no intentions to get to know that, but I decided it is not fast enough to climb on me and get into my ear, so may be we can be running friends:)))

It was raining that day, but I love when it rains, so for me it is not a problem:)

I've also noticed, that on one picture there is our Alien:

As long as I remember myself, he had always been there:)))

I don't know who made him, but there were plenty of local boys who told they did him, but you never know who tell the truth:)))maybe it was alien himself after all

See, even our house is strange:)))marked by aliens:)))

Who else have that in Estonia?

I really love the place I live in:)

*maybe I should really try boxing? why not

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