Sunday, November 10, 2013

There is a reason for using yellow lights

you know

those ones:
but apparently drivers here in Finland prefer to ignore it

especially public transport drivers

like coooome oooon, tram number 9, you are going from the harbor and you have looooots of people with heavy baggage balancing on that little tiny space that they have

why the hell would you hit the brakes so suddenly and unexpected all the time next to traffic lights? Do you or do you not know the meaning of yellow light?

once again, I admit: I hate public transport here, most of the drivers need to take extra courses which could teach him how to operate a big vehicle with lots of passengers

but not all of the public transport

I still have a huge crush on trains:)

and one time there was super mega awesome driver in the tram number 9 as well

while riding he talked which tram stop do passengers need to use if they want to go to Kamppi or to bus station or to railroad station, that was the example of a good driver for the tram line that comes from the harbor!

but as for the rest of the drivers:

learn what yellow light means!!!!!

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