Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gay people

I do not understand lesbians

I just don't

I do not see any reason why would you wanna live with somebody same sex as you

like, liiiiike, usually in the pair of lesbians there is one such manly woman, who looks like man, acts like man, but who physically is a woman

lesbians usually say that they just are not attracted to men, so my question is why the hell would you date a girl, who looks like a man, acts like a man and uses special equipment to act like a man in the bed as well? would not it be more logical to date a man then?

apparently no

I do not have any lesbian friend, nor do I intend to have one, not because I think they are sick or anything like that, but because I am sure, that when 2 people are getting closer to each other, they initially may evolve that kind of relationship, that can be mistakingly takes as love, when it is simply adaptation to each other and finding some sort of comfort, I'm not gay and I do not wanna hurt any gay girl as well, thats why I will never have gay friend, I mean close friend, I do not mind having gay girl in the company of friends:)

I kinda understand gay men, though, but I don't like them

not because I hate the fact, that they are gay, no, but because deep down inside me I get jealous, when you see two boys kissing it simply makes you angrier, because you know, that you can't have that man even if you want to, it is that thing, that I definitely would not like to date a man who has some feminine attitude, but I just need to know, that I have an opportunity to date him if I want to, and if he is open gay, you will never get that chance, and that bugs you even if you do not realize it


now you see, that I'm not the biggest gay fan, but even for me it is some sort of mystery why gay people can not get married

I do not understand how can it be a problem, when two adult people wanna get married and that everybody knew about it, why it is such a big problem, when they are truly in love with each other and wanna get old together and may be die together at well

the main reason, that people, who are not accepting the fact that there are people who happen to love same sex people, refuse to accept gay marriages is that gay couples can't have kids



is not it the best thing in overly populated world to have happy couples, who can't have kids?


okay, lets take it to extreme and before any couple can get married they need to test their abilities to have kids, if you are not able for some reason, then you can be married

I often hear, that being gay is some sort of illness, and ill people can not be responsible for their action, that they have some broken genes or smth like that

okay, lets take it to extreme, lets forbid any not 100% healthy person to get married, because if they are not completely healthy, then they definitely can't have kids and if they can't have kids, they can't get married

sounds stupid, isn't it?

but it is what you need to do if you are against gay marriages

so draw new posters adding "No kids, no marriage!" and "Not healthy, no family!" slogans

and enjoy the show

as for me, I still am not a fan of gay people



it is better to have one happy family in the world, rather than two angry people who can't have that family

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