Thursday, January 30, 2014

I am not a fan of movies

I should be more specific:

I am not a fan of movies that people like

here are some facts about me
  • I had not watched any of James Bond movies 
not even the newest ones

not even half of any Bond movie

not even 15 minutes of it

and I do not intend to watch it

I read the stories, at least 4 of them, and I did not like neither the character, nor the attitude of the books

  • I still had not watched Hobbit, but I watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy at least three times and I love it
I do not know why, I just can find the right moment to watch it, but I truly believe, that it is, indeed, a good move (both parts)
  • I do not like Avatar
not even for I little tiny bit

not even for the visual effects

I do not understand why people love it so much

why do they watch it for more than one time

I do not like the plot

I do not like the actors

I just do not get it

  • I had not watched any of Rocky movies, but I like Cinderella man
should I say that I think Stallone is not attractive at aaaaaall, not when he was young, not when he got older?

  • try not to hate me for this, but I do not like Casablanca movie
I guess I can assume, that I am the worst person to watch movie with, because I can not predict would I like the movie or not

Unless it is Shyamalan's movie

then I will love it foooooooooor sure:)


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