Saturday, January 4, 2014

My big victory!!!

remember that hell I've been for years being not able to get driving license permission from my doctor?

after years wasted on trying to explain to my doctor, that I'm not dead and I'm able to drive and even showing her Estonian laws, where there is written, that I can drive, I gave up on her

I already lost three jobs, because I did not have license, and I did not want to lose the Finnish one

well, I lost it, because it was planned for me to return in two months, but since she did not wrote me the paper, thanks Bitch Doctor for being so coward..I lost whole month waiting to get any new doctor at all

and I got her

I went to her on New Years Eve, at 9:40 December 31st

and here it is:

it is not like if she is writing it down to everybody, no, she asked me specific questions about my illness and after it she said that she does not see any reasons why she could deny my request (and I told her right away that my previous doctor refused to do that, so I was not hiding anything from her)

and it was my best gift for New Year:)

I'm going to be a driver:)

a good driver!


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