Wednesday, February 19, 2014

And then I decided to become rich

I never really wanted to be rich, because I was into mental stuff and things about being a good person

but starting from today, I wanna be rich, and I'm going to become one

because being good person doesn't help you in life, I got used so many times, that it is painful to even think about it

what helped me to realize that I wanna be rich, is....

dot dot dot

Hugo Boss dresses :)

seriously, when I saw it in the shop with the price tag somewhere around 500 eur for a single dress I decided "screw being a good person, gonna aim for money now", because the seams of the dress were just perfect, the shape of the dress, the material of the dress, those are the dresses I wanna wear

I'm going to the dark side of money and material things now, maybe there I find happiness, and if not, well, I will always have my perfect dresses


and since I always think big

I will buy Tesla car

I will buy my perfect house

I will get my own hockey team

and I will build my lovely bookstore

I understand that I wont be making those money in geodesy, but geodesy is my passion, and I wont be leaving it

once a surveyor, always a surveyor

but I have plenty of time after working day, therefore, my original plan is to become the next J.K. Rowling


I'm gonna be rich!

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