Saturday, February 8, 2014

Change of attitude

for the last month I am using new attitude

it is little bit harsh and maybe rude, but it is what it is

If some person does not make me happier and creates more problems than good memories, I stop talking with that person

well, more like, I stop caring and thinking about that person

I have awesome girls, and somehow those girls do make me happier, even though every one of them have some problems (like we all do), but it is the amount of good memories that we create, that keeps me interested in them

but when I think about somebody and the first reaction I have is negative, it is a clear sign, that you should stop bothering about that person

I thought I would feel bad for doing that, but I feel relieved

it is like if I took those heavy stones from my soul and just exploded them into nothing

and nothing is better than bad memories:)

same with the thing

if that thing does not make me happier and does not bring any good memory, I throw it away without even thinking how how it cost me

I love doing that with the books, I have plenty of books, that I did not like and that I won't recommend to any of my friends, those kind of books I do not want to sell or give it to charity, because from my point of view, they are bad, therefore I simply put it into the recycle bin, hopefully something better comes out of it

I have one thing in my closet, that I want to throw away, but I can't


look at it:

it is huuuuge, the size of two hands put together

I don't need it, but I have not one, but two of them

bought them maaaaaany years ago, but could not give them to anybody or throw it away, like I do now


thats why:

how can you throw something away with the smile like that?

it would be like if you kill a little princess

look at that happy face

it will haunt me in my dreams if I throw it away

can somebody take them from me?


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