Friday, February 21, 2014

I did not realize that I am that stupid

had sudden clarity moment when I was washing my hands

I put a hand creme hours ago and when I was washing my hands I could feel that creme layer washing off and then I realized, waaaaaaaait, why the hell do I use those kind of products, when the only function they have is covering your skin, so that it could feel soft

then I realized, that skin is indeed the largest organ in our body, but it is basically just a very important cover

and in no freaking way you can moisture it using cremes

because if it soaks into skin as it is promised, it does not stay in the same exact place and if you need to moisture some part of your body you literally need to be put laaaayers of lotion on your whole body, just to somehow make it less dry and if you do that only partially, you just create the illusion of it, when you wash it off, you wash away the illusion as well

I am thinking now that lotions are useless (I'm not talking about the medical ones that help in certain skin problem situations)

and if I need to have soft moisturized skin, I should stop using those products and find a way to pump my body up with needed substances

I guess I'm not spending money on lotions anymore

*unless they smell good or have shimmer in it, because I'm still a girl and we love those things, even when they are useless:)

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