Saturday, February 15, 2014

I do not really like driving

shocking, right?

to fight for so long for something you don't really like that much

but like it or not, I have to get the license

and I will:)

I will be a good driver, my instructor said, that I'm really calm driver and I do not panic at roads at all (well, on my first driving lesson I drove in the city and in my second one in the center of the city on the biggest roads, still calm as a rock:))and I know how to apply brakes pretty good

I have problems with feeling the size of the car, so most of the times when there is no road markings I tend to drive either way too close to the edges or like a king in the middle of the road, where there are lines, it is not a problem, I link to the lines and drive according to them:)

the thing that does not make me happy and does not let me enjoy driving the car is other drivers

I stay calm, but deep down I always think, duuuuude, do you reeeeally need to change lines soooo often in suuuuch a limited space

I don't get it, you have the signs, they don't appear out of nowhere for limited amount of time, they are always there, so why the hell would you try to pass all the lines to get to that one that allows you turning left?

I don't like it

I don't mind dying, but I do not wanna see other people die right in front of me just because you somehow got the license while driving like that

but I will try my best to enjoy driving

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