Saturday, February 15, 2014

I understand now why girls wanna show their bodies

I always was against women who wear almost no clothes or who make naked pictures

but the older I get, the more I understand how awesome it is and why do they do that

the answer is very simple: they just like it :)

they feel so comfortable in their own bodies, that they just love showing it off and I applaud to that now

don't get me wrong, this approval is not for teenage girls trying to get a boy, porn stars on drugs trying to get some money or strippers trying to pay the bills, no, those kind of girls will never get my respect, but the girls who just enjoy doing what they do is completely different kind of people

and I love then now


you see, some Destiny in local strip bar, who looks like a cheap whore, acts like a cheap whore and dances like a cheap whore is most likely a cheap whore

but take for example Dita von Teese

she has a lot of money now, but she still continues to perform (and her shows are performance, indeed) just because she loves it, not because she was forced to

is she a classical beauty? no, but she act like a winner of Miss Universe :) and that is awesome

The Pretty Reckless girl has such a mighty voice, that you tend to forget, that she has a rocking body as well:)

but I never liked Marilyn Monroe, for me she is that one troubled girl fighting for attention in the only way she knows - through the bed, not talent

no wonders that she ended up like that

therefore, girls, if you are adult women, who do not use drugs and just love your body so much, that you do not feel uncomfortable of showing it to the people you don't know, I understand that and I respect that

after all, it is just a free will, you either wanna do it or not

it is like with smoking, you either smoke or not, and I do not judge the people anymore for smoking or drinking

you chose the way of life you lead, I chose the people I am friends with:)

why should I bother of alcoholics, if they let this happen to them, may be they just love this path to nowhere and it is their choice

unless you do something wrong with my family or friends, then I will turn your life into hell, no matter how drunk you were


and I'm not kidding

nevertheless, Go Girls!

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