Sunday, February 16, 2014

Insects are not big fans of red color

like whaaat

I told you I read a lot of books on every theme possible:)

so today I learned, that insects do not see well in the yellow, orange and red portion of the spectrum and that if the flower is red, then most likely most of the insects will ignore it

at night it becomes more interesting, insects do not see at all light in red bulbs

I think I need to change my wardrobe into red and color my room in solid yellow, may be they will ignore me then:)

but my goal for the summer will be to check whether wearing yellow, red or orange clothes can be helpful in decreasing the number of the bites I get:)

obviously it cant erase me from their world because I still smell like a human being, but maaay be, juuuust maaaaaay be, it will help a bit:)

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