Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Insulting religious feelings

Sometimes I get confused so much that my brain starts suggesting weird ideas


Russia has a law, that states Insulting religious feelings can cause you pretty bug fine or even jail time (up to 3 years) if you do insult some happy believer with your non-believer way of life (just to point that out, the law was written after Pussy Riot performance happened in the church, not before)

I like projecting situations on myself and I indeed can insult religious people, so I may end up in the Russian prison

I read the law and it is full of holes, or should I say it is one big hole of misunderstanding

therefore, if you happen to be in the court with that, I suggest you using my plan

declare your own religion in the court

in my world it would be Janism (you can use your name)

Janism states that there is only one God and God is Jana, who happened to come to Earth in this exact body of my own

Janism does not need churches or books, because my body is the church and religion book is written in my brain, I am the God, I don need to print my own thoughts

it does have history and heritage, my religion is already 27 years old and has physical prove of God existence (me, obviously)

and here comes the fun part: the main sin in my religion is that nobody can touch me if I am not allowing it and it is forbidden to restrict my freedom (that also includes putting me to prison and having my hands closed in cuffs), do you see the twist? if you do any of that, that may be taken as Insulting religious feelings and I will tell everybody in the court, that I am going to sue them for doing that and nobody can touch me, unless they want to share my prison cell with the same jail time

because stupid laws lead to stupid actions

oh, did my post insulted your religious feelings?

get over it

sometimes I regret not living in Russia:)

but not often

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