Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lip Balms

some girls are obsessed with shoes

some girls are obsessed with jewelry

I am obsessed with lip balms

because since I have diabetes I have an additional friend - very dry lips

for many many many years I'm looking for the perfect balm that can moisture lips for at least 6 hours, not like all of those that I have

to understand how bad is my obsession, here is the photo of the balms that I currently have and which best before is still allowing me to use it, just try not to imagine how much I had during those years:)

you see, I can write long opinionated post about how good or bad those balms are, but I don't wanna waste your time, so here it is: those lip balms are crap, some of them cost 2 euros, some 15, but the result is the same - all of them are crap

the less crappy ones are those two:

 I use them more than the rest of the balms, and the orange one is pretty good, but not good enough

some balms I gave to my niece, the ones that I could not use at aaall, who the hell uses chocolate with mint balm anyways, apparently a lot of girls:)

I kinda run out of the balms that I had not used before (I repeat, the ones on the picture are just the last ones that I had, the total from all of those years is beyond appropriate)

some days ago I saw one post about lip balm that has such a good rating, that I wanna get it

unfortunately, I could not find it

so if you have troubles thinking what to get me for my birthday, here is the hint:
  • my birthday is on July 10th
  • I want this:
I hope that I will find it somewhere before my birthday, though

I don't trust ebay when it comes to cosmetics, but maybe I will find it somewhere else



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