Sunday, February 9, 2014

Moon is actually big

it never occurred to me, that there is a huge rock rotating so close to my home

I'm talking about Moon obviously

that distance is not big enough for me not to worry about

and yes, I do think, that Moon used to be part of our Earth

somehow I always thought it was much much further away and much smaller in sizes


I should not read about Mars so much:) distances in space now associated with the distance from Earth to Mars only


that rock is huge and way too close

so if you ever feel lonely, remember, THERE IS A HUGE ROCK ABOVE YOU THAT CAN KILL YOU ANY MOMENT!!!!


just kidding :)

but we are not great with laws of nature, so the fact, that Moon can't fall down to Earth, can be questioned any day from now:)

eeeeverything can happen:)

enjoy your life and don't forget to look at Moon and remember how close it is:)

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