Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Taking headaches to the whole new level

sometimes I have strong headache

and pain killers prefer not to work for me for some reasons:)

therefore I usually lay in the bed, imagining that my brain is spaceship and I need to close the broken panels of it

you know, like in my favorite Sunshine movie

when I have the opportunity to lay down and feel what part of my brain suffers from pain, I imagine closing those panels and usually it helps, but it is time consuming actions, because sometimes you don't understand from what part of the brain the pain comes

but today I got the new kind of pain:)

and it is baaaad

it is much worse, when I got to know, from where it comes

it came right from the center of my brain, not on edges like usually, but from inside out

deep sown in the brain, and I can't really use my mental projection, because it is everywhere and nowhere at the same time

therefore I am really sorry for the meetings that I had to cancel today, but you would not want to see me angry, because of the pain, don't you?:)

I'm sorry

but eventually I will find another way to fight that pain, I promise

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