Saturday, February 8, 2014

Techno cat and falling in love with my own arm

I finally got to look through our new year photos and found some weird ones

will it be too weird, if I say that I loooooooove my arms?:)

the shape of that long arm makes me happy:)

I know it is weird, but I am happy because I often say, that Yeah, yeah, I have short arms and legs, but on that picture it looks endless:) but it does look little bit thin

oh, and I'm wearing only dresses for the past two months:)

aaaand, the picture of techno cat:

I am pretty sure, that he is not reflecting light, he is producing it:)))

my lovely evil cat


unfortunately, I can not show you the normal happy pictures, because on those pictures there are people, and I do not know whether they want those photos to be in the internet, because, you know, personal space and stuff


but since I'm staying here and since I'm being all that awesome, I already put charging my camera, so you may expect more pictures with bad quality here:)

this place is mine again:)

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