Thursday, March 6, 2014

Being friends

it happened so that I have more male friends that female friends

yesterday I was talking to my best friend (she is a girl) and she mentioned, that her friend in Finland does not have Finnish friends, even though she is living there for years and when I asked "why is not she?" my friend said "well, it not like if we have Estonian friends too"

weeeell, I have three Russian girl friends and three Estonian male fiends + 2 Russian ones and half Finnish one:)

this is my friend circle: my Fat ass friend (who is not fat at all, but still), my hockey bro, my third one and two very strange Russian friends:) the one with whom we always fight about every little thing and one who appears like a ghost and then disappears

I know plenty of men (well, d'oh, I'm construction surveyor:))) and at some point of life I was in love with each one of them, same with my friends, but what I understood, is that you subconsciously give time for every man during what you can be more than friends and when you feel that time already passed you will be just friends, or, no, not just friend, but more like awesome friends until something big may happen

but something big rarely happens, therefore I do have plenty of male friends with whom I am comfortable to talk about pretty much everything:)

may be I should organize my next birthday party with all of them to see how much they differ from each other and how good they are

therefore, girls and boys, don't plan anything on July 10th:)

we will be awesome friends!

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