Sunday, March 30, 2014

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I have one serious problem with Brooklyn Nine-Nine

it is so freaking funny, that it feels like one episode lasts not for 22-23 minutes but only 5

you just sat to watch it, and it already ends leaving you laughing like insane


I love this show

and I do know that it has mixed ratings, but for me it is hilarious, it is that show, when you watch it and laugh, not being overly thinking, but not being stupid as well

except for fart jokes, fart jokes are not funny, NOT FUNNY

it either you get this show or you don't

I get it and I love it:)

and you may think it is some stupid show with stupid jokes about stupid cops

but I don't think so:)

and they have such a loooooovely loooooove stoooooory

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