Saturday, March 1, 2014

Date me?

sometimes I feel alone, but never lonely

lately I started to feel a little bit too alone, so I am starting thinking again to go to some dating site

but you see, one of my problems is that sometimes I can't just shut up and say what I think without making it sound appropriate


and that can be too much to handle

once on some date he started talking about how bad are people who eat meat


I'm vegetarian myself, but I just could not keep my mouth shut and we kinda got into argument, where I defended those who eat meat and he called me bad words for betraying green way of thinking

I'm no longer green, apparently:)

I still do not eat meat, but seems like I'm not enough fanatic to be called green

that's okay, I prefer black anyway:)

and that is just one example, I do not fight, but I say what I really think without pretending to think the same as man does

and it does not help me

but since I'm no longer planning to die alone, I am gonna think about registering on some site


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