Saturday, March 15, 2014

"I'm too kind"

is the real answer of many girls to the question: what is your biggest weakness

and I'm not kidding

I started looking through dating sites to see who happen to use them and was looking through girls pages too


apparently it is one of the most popular answers: I'm too kind and I'm too caring and I'm too shy

oookay, shy ones, you have great bikini body pictures in your profile


I'm bit confused, do people really lie thaaaaaat much to be more attractive?

My biggest weakness: I'm moody jerk who can go from +100 to -100 in seconds, I wish there had been more honest answers in profiles, even if they sound not as cute as "I'm too kind"

I, personally, read "I'm too kind" as if it is "I'm too weak to say no to anybody and therefore I suffer from my indecisiveness"


oh yeah, seems like if I need to add "tend to overthink everything" in my weaknesses

at least I'm honest

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