Sunday, March 9, 2014

Men, who wear club scarfs

I like them a lot

right now I'm talking not about people wearing scarfs on the games, because that is like requirement if you go to the game, but I'm talking about men in suits and coats who still wear club scarfs

several days ago I aw an old man being all that suited up and he still put his scarf, I just wanted to say, that I respect those kind of people

They give me the sense of comfort and I somehow sure that they are happily married

I prefer to think, that if a man chose his sport team and stays with that team in good and bad times for many many years and still wears their scarf even when he doing some business, he is a good family man

you know, the one who stays with his wife in good and bad times, not changing her if somebody new comes in sight

it is called loyalty, loyal to the team for many years and keeps supporting it even if he team is falling apart, I would like to think, that he treats his wife the same, he is not leaving her when she got in car accident and now has to be in the wheelchair


it is hard to be loyal in the world full of opportunities and easy choices

therefore, dear women, if your man has a team that he supports for many years, stop yelling at him for wearing the scarf all the time and be happy that you have a man, who knows what it is - to support someone no matter what


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