Monday, March 3, 2014

Mister Miller

is no longer in Buffalo Sabres

he is Blues man now ( St. Louis Blues, not Espoo :)

Ryan was probably the first goalie that I really liked, the shining star of dying Sabres

I still like him, but seems like if he forgot how to be a super mega awesome goalie and relaxed a bit too much in Buffalo, may be being goalie in St. Louis will help him to relaunch his talent

not like with big bear Nash, because dear Nash had karma bitch slap on the Olympic hockey team, he still won the gold medal, but he can be easily named one of the least useful players of the team, because, lil bitch, you should not leave our team

with mister Miller it is so that the team doesn't need him, and he does not need the team, so it is a win-win situation for Ryan, no hard feelings, had not been a captain as well, therefore, Ryan Miller, welcome to  St. Louis Blues!

wish you win the Vezina trophy this year


I still believe in miracles


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