Thursday, March 27, 2014

PMS is real!

seriously, boys, if your girl acts weird for a little period of time, just do not even try to understand why

accept it and forgive her

it is just non controllable

I get angry on every little thing

I even can get angry at the way somebody breathes

I'm not kidding

hearing people breathe irritates me sometimes to the point when I want to shout DO YOU REALLY NEED TO BREATHE THAT LOUD????

and I know a lot of girls with the same attitude

therefore, don't think it is your fault and you did something bad

just try to manage it as calm as it is possible and do not mention anything after


the knowing of it can save a lot of relationships

weeee caaaaan't controooool it

but, of course, if your girl is always bitchy, then she is just not into you

or if she always have some mood changes, then she is most likely moody jerk as I am



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