Thursday, March 20, 2014

Stardust and endless space

I try not to think a lot, but sometimes I get stuck on some idea

if you are not religious, then you already know, that we consist of the same matter as everything in the space

the particles of your body could have been a part of a star or dinosaur or anything else

it is still hard for me to accept it completely

the billions of those little tiny atoms that your body consists of

each one of them is connected to each other

and somehow they grouped into me

they created my brain and allowed my brain to control them to some extent

that just blows my mind

how the hell is that possible

how the hell would it be possible to create similar organisms over and over again

why we do not differ from each other

why can't we, consisting of the exact same atoms, develop into something bigger, smarter or on the contrary, why can't you dissolve into nothing, when you want to

and what about death

everything has a starting point

the death has the starting point

the point of destruction

it must be starting with the failure of the smallest particle of your body, which will start the destruction of whole body

you do realize how small those parts are, don't you?

it just blows my mind, that any sudden movement may start the process

and you will never know what was the beginning of the end

and what about thoughts

it is the product of my imagination

what are thoughts consist of?

they are not physical

but you do create them

with what do you create them?

do you create them with the atoms of your brain or do you inhale stardust and use it as construction bricks of something you won't be able to see

you see, those are the things that freak me out

I can't explain it

and it is bothering me

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