Monday, March 10, 2014

Unnecessary feelings

today in the tram there was a homeless man who slept

and he smelled baaaaaad

reeeeally baaaaaad

but what I understood, is that I was not angry as all, like I used to be

I used to think, "die already, you little smelling piece of crap"

but today I just thought, well, he has the right to smell bad and after all he may smell bad for me, but may be it smells good for him

being angry is unnecessary feeling when it comes to people you don't know

it is the matter of life choices they make and it is their decision to choose the life they lead

so why the hell should I be angry at them?

especially when it comes to smells

I am not lying, but some fragrances makes me wanna cut my nose off, just no to smell it

and right now I am talking about Roberto Cavalli fragrances

does that mean that I should hate every person who wears it? obviously not

homeless person chose to wear the smell of alcohol

you chose to wear Cavalli

I chose to wear the only fragrance that I own (because I'm picky jerk, who likes almost nothing, but if I find something, I stay with it) which is Christina Aguilera "Unforgettable"
I became less irritated and much more friendlier, because I'm getting rid off unnecessary feeling

and you should try that

it can make you enjoy your life more


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