Sunday, March 30, 2014

What kind of army is it?

I do not understand people very well, therefore sometimes some acts confuse me way too much

like with the Crimea and Russia

ooookay you wanted to reunite with Russia again

that I understand

what I don't understand is the army question

some military bases in Crimea just switched the flag on the building and were very happy to be back in Russia

but doesn't army guys swear allegiance to the country they serve?

like, you know, Ukraine, in which Crimea used to be?

and so one day they decide, f'ck it, we are part of Russia now

I would not wanna be protected with the army men who change their mind in the blink of an eye

you had swore to Ukraine, no matter what Crimea people decide, you must be part of Ukraine army, not Russian

I may be exaggerated, but if some war next to Ukraine happen, do you really wanna be depended on army, who can change their flags and swears so easily

pay me and I will fight against my own people?

it feels like it

not cool, Crimean army, not cool

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