Sunday, March 23, 2014

Would he?

 here is an interesting question:
Would the boy you were, be proud of the man you've become?
it is interesting how many of you can say Yes, without hesitation

and if that simple question stopped you for more that a second, then you really should do something about your life

 for girls, obviously, it is
 Would the girl you were, be proud of the woman you've become? 
she would not be completely proud, but she would not be disappointed as well

I still do not my own family

I still do not have kids, nor do I want to have them

I still did not invent something

I still did not get Nobel Prize and I really wanted it, when I was young

I still have lack of concentration

I still am ill (I got ill when I was 11, remember? and I was sure, that by this time I would be healthy)

and I'm not proud of some actions that I did being hopelessly and sickly in love with the wrong person

but she would be proud, that I never betrayed anybody

she would be proud, that I got free education and that I do something useful

she would be proud, that I have great friends and not the ones that come and go

she would be proud, that I did not turn into manipulative bitch

she would be proud, that I am not coward and sometimes do things, that require some bravery

and she definitely would be proud, that I still love my family

on the other hand, I think about all the bad people out there

what would some serial killer think, if somebody asked him this question

what would anybody think, if they did something not good

the man, who stole money from old lady

how would he look into the eyes of the boy he was and say it to his face: I stole money from a nice old lady, because I needed to buy drugs

that simple question:  Would the boy you were, be proud of the man you've become? can tell about you more, than any psychologist will

so think about it

and decide how to live after

may be you still can became a spaceman

may be you still can stop wasting your life in alcohol and create something beautiful

build the house that you drew when you were little kid

or get a dog, that your mom refused to take in home

just keep that question in mind, every time you want to make something bad or doubtful

and "it is not my fault, it is what society made to me" is not an excuse

become the (wo)man you wanted to be, when you were a kid

and I still be aiming for Nobel Prize

because that's what she always wanted


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