Thursday, April 24, 2014

And you just smile like an idiot

because you are happy

we are playing with Penguins

and you know what?

2:2 in the series and who would had thought about that year ago

me, of course:)

I love how my men fall down, freeze for a moment and rise like a phoenix to win the 3:0 game with 3:4 :)

that's the spirit!

as for those people, who for some reasons say, that Bob is the only reason we win

well, Bob is awesome, but he is not the one, who scores goals:)

it is the whole team:)

but I do have to admit, that I am a little bit angry at the new fans, where were you, when we were at the bottom of all standings?

hopefully you will stay with us, if we won't win

but you know

We Will Win!


Goooooooo, Columbus Blue Jackets!

For those about to rock!




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