Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Can you live without a phone?

imagine living without your phone for a week

how many of you have alarm clocks?

I have and I was really confused, when I wanted to see whether I still remember how to set it on

took me a while to remember:)

how many of you have wristwatch?

I do not have therefore I would not be able to know what time it is, when I'm not home

how many of you still have stationary phones?

I don't have one

imagine how hard would it be to even call 112, yeah, how will you call it, when you have nothing to call

how many of you remember how to get in touch with your friend without mobile phone and social networks?

imagine how much time will you waste in your job, when you don't have a smartphone

for surveyors it is that you have to go back to office to get all the orders and answer all the questions somebody asked you when you were on your object

therefore I do not understand why old people say that youth is lazy

we now live in the world with sooooo muuuuuch information and you can't hide from it, you have to process it in, whether it is useful or not

but I do look at my phones thinking, damn, I depend on you way too much

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