Friday, April 4, 2014

Highly unpopular opinion

now I will say it

here it is:

I actually kinda like Andrus Ansip

yeeeah, I can almost feel the huge amount of rotten tomatoes flying to my direction

but people tend to forget, that politics are not puppies, they don't have to be pleasant to everybody

I do think that the kind and lovely politics are the worst ones, they will compromise on everything and they will try to pleasure every single person, which in long term relationship will end with bankruptcy and riots

Politic must be angry

must be strong enough to take unpopular decisions, which will make people hate him, but which will be useful for the country

Ansip is probably most hated prime minister that we ever had, but like it or not, Estonia did not lose thaaaaaaaaaaaat much during recession and we are actually doing pretty well, slowly, but constantly getting better

so yeah, you definitely can hate him for his decisions, but I understand most of it and I applaud him for being the tough guy, brave enough to take all the hate he got

we will see what the new one will do now

the one that looks like a happy puppy


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