Thursday, April 10, 2014


it is little bit strange, but I got a little bit too excited, when my vacuum cleaner broke


which is even more strange, I was joking with my niece the same day it broke telling her, that the only thing, that actually loves me is my vacuum cleaner

everything hates me, my shampoos, my lights, my pillows and so on

everything breaks and not working fine with me being around, except for my vacuum cleaner, because I am the primary user of it, basically The only user of it, so I was joking, that it was the only thing that loves me

well, imagine my surprise, when the same evening, after I got home after meeting with a friend my vacuum cleaner broke

the motor of it was simply burnt

my loud cries: WHOOOOOOOOOOO TOUCHED MY CLEEEEEANEEEEER??? were heard far away from my home:)

apparently my mother decided to clean a carpet that evening I was out and she did not use it properly: carefully and slowly

so I needed the new one, because the only two machines I really need are iron and vacuum cleaner to make me comfortable

this time it was not like, oh, I like that green one and it costs not too much

nope, I did a quality research

I compared the suction power, noise level, cord length, weight, size, bags, price and the amount of unnecessary functions that they offer, but what I will use once or twice

I watched a lot of videos to actually hear how it works

and the winner is

dot dot dot

Hoover PurePower

it is not only working good, it looks awesome as well:)

seriously, all that I wanted from the vacuum cleaner, I got it

on minimal power it works so silently, that I had to take out my headphones to make sure it is working:) it is quite loud on the maximum, but you literally have to hold the carpet with your leg for it not to be sucked into the mighty beauty:)

I can give advices now if you want to buy a new vacuum cleaner, just ask me:)

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  1. It is the worst when your vacuum dies. Thank goodness it does not happen often but it is still a terrible event when it does happen. I am glad you did you research and found the one you like. That means less work for me and I thank you for that. I will be checking out the Hoover PurePower.