Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Making plans and having hopes

are two main things, that can destroy your life

now I understand that

plans that I once made are somewhat 99% impossible

hopes that I once had about certain things are somewhat 99% dead

and all of those plans and all of those hopes are constantly circulating in my head, creating theories about what could have been

this year I learned, that you should not make any plans and should not have any hopes, then you won't be living with the ghosts of "what if" situations

I do not know where I will be tomorrow and what I will be doing next month, and I am okay with that, I am not going to make plans anymore and I definitely won't have any hopes

tomorrow I can be dead and I will be okay with that

tomorrow I may be winning lottery and I will be okay with that

but I won't be planning killing myself or hoping winning the lottery

I need to live one day at a time

leaving all the plans and hopes in the cemetery of broken dreams

I grew up

and I like it


I'm under the gun agaaaaaain, The National are awesome!

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