Wednesday, April 30, 2014

People actually do that

thought that I was missing something

today I understood that I had not talked with one of my friends for somewhat a month or more

which is weird considering that we talked before almost every day

well, now I know, that it is indeed real situation, when somebody leaves without any sort of explanation

today you are good, tomorrow you are gone

that's okay for me, because I am not a very talk-to-me-talk-to-me-talk-to-me-NOW person anymore, but it is indeed strange, when you can't even say something like: I have work to do, can't talk anymore, my girlfriend is jealous, so I can't talk to you anymore, I'm at the hospital, so I can't talk to you, but it would be nice if you come and visit me

you get it? simple reasons, which does not left you confused, but more like: oh, I see, yeah, okay, see you in a year or five

I can't imagine what girls feel, when their husbands send them text message with the words "I don't love you anymore, thanks for 10 years of marriage", or when you were perfectly happy yesterday and the next day all his things are gone and number is changed

who the hell do that?

based on stories in the Internet, a looooot of people

but well, it is just a choice that people decide to make, and you can't be mad at them for that

nevertheless: not cool, bro, not cool

same goes for the girls:)

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